Covers for swimming pools

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Изработка на покривала за камиони и други транспортни средства. Изработват се от PVC синтетичен брезент с повишена устойчивост на раздиране и разкъсване.


Pool covers

The summer covers are made of polyethylene. They are pulled with a reel, which stands next to the pool, and they lie on the water surface as they are usually not fastened. They protect water from pollution, as well as from cooling during the night, when the pool is not used.Pool covers

The winter cover is made of PVC material and it is installed over the pool when preparing for the winter. It is stretched and lies on the water surface with the help of dowels and the pool has to be full, so that the covering won’t tear because of the water, which gathers above it. It prevents pollution, algae growth and accidents.